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Cruise of the WEB

Crisfield Cruise

One of the most active locations of the lower Maryland Eastern Shore is certainly Crisfield, Maryland. Known as a "Seafood Capitol" this place has just about everything one could ask for as a cruising destination. The town has a terrific main harbor where you can either anchor out or dock at the full service Somers Cove Marina. In town you will find a grocery store, several great restaurants along with no less than three hardware stores! The town has a beautiful public pier at the end of Main Street which is perfect for viewing the setting sun over the Bay. One unique offering of Crisfield is a hospital- complete with a dock entrance to the emergency room. On my recent cruise I took along my golf clubs and found Good Hope Golf Course a 15-minute cab ride away from town. The course is very nice, affordable and the greens the very best I have ever played. Good food, supplies, friendly people- this is an excellent stop for stocking up and experiencing civilization.
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