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4/2/00 I know it looks like I've given up - no I haven't - and I got some great stuff coming - read home page 4/1/99 Tides and Currents are now updated. Trying to get back in the swing of it!
3/6/99 I know it's been a long time. New tip and now I'm on a new POD so more to come.
11/10/98 New Weather Forecast Menu and Tip of the Week
8/4/98 New Tip - "Tame That Main Sheet- Bag It"
7/20/98 New book in bookstore and new midi on frontpage
7/15/98 Changed Email -
6/18/98 Wow -has it been that long! -New Cruise, new midi, more to come. 3/13/98 Tides, Current, and Bookstore - Checkout my review and buy a book. 3/7/98 Other Observations added - Not so current wind conditions around the bay.
3/4/98 - Complete Spec. on the CD 28 added to Home link "What I like about my CD28."
3/1/98 - New Tip -"Let's Get To The Bottom Of Things!"
2/21/98 I've changed to a frame style and will be updating the content soon.One thing I have added is BayCam. This is a live camera shot of the bay from Annapolis. It is dark at night and washed out by the rising Sun in the AM so the best time to watch is the afternoon.It auto-updates so you might see a bird or boat travel past as you watch. I just received a new full batten mail sail for Entropy II and will be reporting on how I like it as soon as I can get my boat back in the water. Hopefully this will happen before the end of March. If any of you readers out there are holding back some great cruises or tips -DON'T - I really would appreciate any type of submissions. If you think you would like something different, let me know. I'm game to try about anything.